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Teresa Dumore |

30-01-2013 - Live during the KamaSutrA fair, part 2


It went very horny, in the film studio. In order to ensure that men remained active, Sonja came to lend a hand. That is what Teresa and her girlfriend Luna knew. As a reward two ladies received at the end of it a delicious sperm shower.


30-01-2013 - Live during the KamaSutrA fair, part 2


During the KamaSutrA fair I wanted to do an audition day with Roxy and Sonja. In total there were three potent men. And also my friend Luna came along. It was a horny bunch.


10-11-2012 - Debby & Me


I've planned a night out, until Debby came in with a much better idea


24-10-2012 - 3 Some Debby Pete Teresa


Debby and Teresa Noticed they are being watched by Pete, let's see what we sluts can do


18-10-2012 - CarCustomShow @ Bottrop


Last summer at a CarCustomShow in Bottrop (Germany)


17-10-2012 - CarCustomShow @ Bottrop


Last Summer I was @ a CarCustomShow in Bottrop (Germany) I saw 1 car that caught my eye


17-10-2012 - Suprise for the mechanic


Teresa s Refrigarator died!! Oh NO, Now WHAT!!! Ever Horny as she is, she decides to call a mechanic to solve her problem. The only issue is, she doesn't have any money at home, to pay the dude!! Can I pay you Otherwise???


18-07-2012 - VenusFair 2011


Last year I was at 1 of the biggest Erotica & Porn-fairs. As an Entertainer I have pleasured my fans with my infamous Dildo-shows..


25-04-2012 - A fan's Choice


Teresa invites once in a while horny fan's, to shoot with her. This fan had the wish to encounter a dildo show, and then fuck the performer. As she said , so she done.. the little slut she is First rubbing en fucking her pussy with the dildo, that even the cameraman decides to give her a hand. After coming on the dildo , she wants a real cock to rip her pussy apart. Sucking on a cock like a pro, she want's more and more.


25-04-2012 - Dance 2 Suck


The first in the sequel "a Fan's Choice", Teresa dances to impress the cameraman. And she succeeds! The little slut makes him crazy, he wants to cum allover her. So she decides to suck his cock... before her fan comes.


24-04-2012 - Fotoshoot


Frequently asked model Teresa, cause the little slut she is. Thinks it's horny to show herself,in positions she loves to be fucked.


24-04-2012 - After Swimming!


Teresa has to train for her swimming exam, she hired a swimteacher to help her out Even after the course the teacher gladly helps Teresa with her hornyness, She sucks his cock, like there is no other. Thanking him for all his help.


24-04-2012 - Walking though the Forest


Teresa is walking trough a Forest,then se encounters Mark..And he recognizes her from her performances, so he starts to pursue Tersa to suck his cock. That's Something Teresa can't Denie, sucking a goodlookings boy cocks. she Starts sucking his big cock for the cum inside.



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